The Church Has Been Dissolved and No Longer Is Meeting

Official Statement

After much prayer and consideration, meetings and conversations with leaders and members, the Oversight Team has come to the conclusion that it is time for Bethany Church in Bloomington, Minnesota to close. The Christmas Eve service at 4pm on Saturday December 24will be the final public event.

We understand this news is difficult to hear but the Oversight Team believes this is the best response to the church’s ongoing challenges with establishing a unified vision, a collective mission and a church governance structure to the satisfaction of the diverse body. Rather than delay the decision and risk financial repercussions in the new year, this course of action allows the church to send our missionaries a full year of support in advance, as well as provide severances for church staff and meet all other financial obligations. The Oversight Team expects new ministry initiatives to spring forth from this ending in the near future — whether in the form(s) of a home church network, a church plant in West Bloomington, and/or a new work in St Paul — as the Lord wills. The Deacons Team is committed to helping church members connect with other churches during this transition. We happily support members joining the Jordan Family Church or one of the many other churches in our area. Looking back, the Oversight Team can see how the Holy Spirit has been taking care of our church family this past year — from the Jordan Church plant to staff transitions. We are happy to see God has provided new opportunities for so many leading up to this decision. We trust He will continue to open doors for each current member, leader and staff member beyond Bethany Church. Thank you for joining us in prayer that we will “end well” and put our hope in Jesus alone knowing that “God works all things together for good to those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.”

Alternative Options

Here are several options for those looking for church fellowship.

House Church

Several families in Bethany Church are exploring a house church option for their future, and welcome you to join them.

West Bloomington Church

Join Chris & Shawnee Pacholczak regarding a possible church startup in West Bloomington!

Jordan Family Church

Jordan Family Church is a great body of believers and a church planted out of Bethany Church.

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