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Dave Haase Memorial Service

by Dave Willcock

Today we gathered at Bethany Church to celebrate the life, and mourn the loss, of Dave Haase. It was a wonderful (and tearful) gathering. The impact Dave had on his family and all those he came into contact with was evident. Dave left behind a legacy of faith, love, and friendship. We will miss you, […]

Let the “Old Familiar Carols” Play!

by Dave Willcock

At times our Christmas traditions can start to feel pretty rote and pedestrian. Like when you’re listening to someone read the account in Luke’s gospel of the angel’s announcement to the shepherds for the thousandth time. It’s easy to start getting a little glassy eyed. This year, as I spent some time thinking beyond the […]

Committed to a New Generation

by Dave Willcock

When I reminisce on my younger years I remember days of fun filled adventure, interesting adults, and the occasional chore. I lived in a community of people on an island that was a young person’s dream. We were almost devoid of technology, apart from a few black and white televisions, but that did not matter […]