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“Noah” – This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Prophet…

by Dave Willcock

I’ve been anticipating seeing “Noah” (the new film by director Darren Aronofsky) for some time.  I’ve long held a fascination with some of the stranger elements of these chapters in Genesis along with the themes and foreshadowing that are drawn from them in the rest of scripture. So I grabbed a fellow geek (the ever […]

I Have Grown to Love Winter

by Dave Willcock

I have found myself in the minority this past winter. It seems like I daily hear friends and acquaintances mourn all that winter has brought them.  If it isn’t the temperature, it’s the lack of sunshine. If it isn’t the lack of sunshine, it’s the amount of snow.  The longer winter has gone on however, […]

Prophecy, and a Prophetic Prayer for Bethany

by Dave Willcock

New Testament prophecy is a funny thing. Honestly,  things were much less complicated in the Old Testament: Did the prophecy come true? Yes? = Follow the instructions of this Prophet explicitly. No? = Kill him. Back in the days when pleasing God meant dependence on the accuracy and instructions of a Prophet, you definitely put […]

Answering More of Your Questions!

by Dave Willcock

Ken Krause took some time to answer a couple of questions that we received this past week… Question#1 – What is the distinction between the church and the kingdom of God? What is their relationship to each other both in this age and the age to come? Huge question!  I won’t write an exhaustive article, but […]