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“Whoever receives one such child in My name…”

by Dave Willcock

This past spring, after nearly a year of waiting and the roller coaster of multiple “almost placements”, the final three weeks remaining on my first fostering license were put to good use before I had to renew it. A sweet and spunky five year old boy needed a temporary home for just three weeks… weeks […]

Fostering Hope

by Dave Willcock

“I think you already know” was the answer God impressed upon me when I asked Him what was tethering me down and keeping me from moving forward into whatever He might have for me next. Clarity came quite quickly then and I knew it was time to bring my disappointments to Jesus, along with the […]

Leadership Transition – The end is in sight!

by Dave Willcock

In January of this year the Oversight Team of Bethany Church formed a “Leadership Transition Team” (LTT) to spend several months looking at the current leadership structure of our church.  For more information on the purpose and work of this team see our previous posts HERE and HERE. At the end of June, the LTT completed their […]