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Genocide 101

by Dave Willcock

Most adoptive parents who are bringing a child into their family from a foreign country do their best to try and learn all they can about their child’s home country and culture. We were no different. Our initial adoption plan involved the country of Rwanda. I think we watched every movie ever made in or about […]

Ordained of the Lord

by Dave Willcock

This coming Sunday we’re looking forward to ordaining Mike Neterer, and commissioning Chris & Rachel Flores! As we see it, there are two “ordinations”. First, there is the ordination of God where He sovereignly gifts and calls individuals into a unique ministry role. The second ordination is the one conferred by the local church leadership […]

Oversight Team Update – Aug. 2015

by Dave Willcock

 “Onward through the fog” is a slogan with humorously sketchy origins in the 60’s drug culture of Austin Texas, but has been co-opted for many fine purposes since.  A great leader I once served with often used it at times when the destination of our team was clear, but the path to the objective was […]

James 1:27 Opportunities

by Dave Willcock

Last Sunday, we continued our sermon series on the book of James with a message from James 1:27 and the call to care for the needy. At the conclusion of the sermon Dave presented a slide that listed a number of opportunities available through the church along with local ministries our church members participate in. […]