In January the oversight team invited a group of gifted teachers from Bethany Church to gather for a time of worship, prayer, and discussion–specifically to listen to the Holy Spirit’s heart for Sunday morning teaching in the Word for 2017. The direction we received corporately was very clear, and we are responding to the Lord by “going deep” into 1 & 2 Timothy.
Starting immediately, we will begin to study what Paul wrote to his true son in the faith, Timothy. Our goal is to let the biblical text speak what the Holy Spirit wants to say to Bethany, but keep it in the framework of making disciples, training and trusting leaders, and planting churches-our refined vision shared in previous sermons this year. Who better to look to than the apostle Paul as someone who had this vision and put it into practice.
In January Ken Krause announced his decision to shift out of a preaching role this year. We have been extremely blessed to have Ken preach two to three times per month for the last four years, providing stability and continuity to the preaching of the Word. We do not anticipate having another person fill that role in 2017. We feel that God wants us to:
  • Have a small team of trusted speakers provide consistency and stability to the preaching of the Word at Bethany as we study 1 & 2 Timothy.
  • Utilize the gifts and perspectives of other men and women in the congregation to share some Sundays, which will provide strength, depth, and diversity in the Word to the congregation.
  • Continue to invite in guest speakers periodically (our missionaries, special speakers teaching at BGU, other leaders in the faith).
 The following people will serve as our core team of teachers who lead us through 1 & 2 Timothy:
  • Tim Freeman
  • Paul Hartford
  • Dan Germo
  • Dave Willcock
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • Matt Adair
 We highly value these people, their love for the Word, their gift to teach, and the Spirit of God that dwells within them to make that Word come alive.
Our Western culture is used to taking shallow dips into the Word. We want to live out our value of “going deep” by focusing specifically on these letters Paul wrote to Timothy and study them in depth from start to finish. This will not be a short series as we have done in the past. Some Sundays we may focus on a few verses. Other Sundays the Holy Spirit may highlight only a word or short phrase. We are excited to follow the Lord as he leads us through this portion of Scripture, as fast or slow as he wants. We are confident this is what the Lord has for us this year, and we encourage you to come each Sunday expecting God to speak to you and confirm his Word with signs following.
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