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Simple Church is a web-based relationship management software that will allow us to track and coordinate our contacts, activities, and events in one central online hub.

Why Simple Church?

As we move further into implementing a leadership structure at Bethany Church that is diverse and decentralized, one of the greatest challenges is in the area of communication. How do we maintain a central communications hub with up to date information on individuals and groups in the congregation? How do we track the activities and responsibilities of the various ministry leadership teams?

In recent years we’ve struggled with maintaining accurate contact, registration, giving, and attendance information across multiple data bases and software platforms.

How does this affect you?

Our hope and goal in implementing Simple Church is to make it easier for you to find contact information for individuals and groups in the church, and for Ministry Leadership Teams and volunteers to communicate and coordinate activities.

Specifically, there are several significant ways that Simple Church will help facilitate better connection and communication:

  • Newcomer Integration: The “interactions” function of Simple Church will make it much easier for our (newly formed) Integration Team to track newcomers in the congregation, meet their needs, and make sure they find connection in the life of the church.
  • Apps: Simple Church provides intuitive apps for both Android and iOS that will allow you to look up groups and individuals in the congregation (church directory) and to contact them from within the app itself. The app will also allow you to mass-contact all members of groups and teams you are a part of or assign tasks to team members. The app also provides calendar/event information and children’s ministry/event check-in (more below). Anyone in our church who has a profile in Simple Church will be able to access it at any time and update their contact information, picture, etc.
  • Giving: Simple Church’s online giving platform will provide our congregants an easy platform for online giving, setting up recurring gifts, giving to special offerings, or to pay event fees. Furthermore, each member of the congregation will have the ability to access their own confidential giving records at any time and print out tax receipts.
  • Children’s Check-In: The Check-In process for Children’s ministry will look and feel very similar to the current platform, but will provide the additional benefit of allowing families to check-in remotely from their mobile device as soon as they arrive in the parking lot. Labels will be printed and waiting for you when you come in!

These are just a few of the ways that we believe implementing Simple Church will facilitate better connection and communication in the life of our church.

What’s Next?

We are currently busy importing all of our contact information and data into Simple Church and configuring its functions to suit Bethany Church. By the end of January we hope to be fully operational and begin providing access, training, and information to the leaders and attenders of Bethany Church. So, expect to hear from us in a few short weeks to learn the simple steps to begin using it yourself!