At Bethany Church we are committed to our biblical mandate to care for the poor, the orphan, the refugee, and the persecuted.

We propose that families prayerfully consider committing to give 3 percent of our income toward what we call the “Storehouse Fund”. These gifts are above what we give to support our local church family.

This fund is fully designated to support those four categories of The Poor (including widows), The Orphan, The Refugee, and the Persecuted. It is easy to neglect those who fall into these categories. With so much busyness and so many causes vying for our money, we often let these people slip through the cracks.

As church expenses and demands increase, budget cuts often limit these categories of needs, but these categories are the ones that should not be cut at any expense! These are the kingdom, and one of the ways God will judge our fruitfulness as believers.

Give to the Storehouse Fund through our online giving portal HERE. Simply Select “Storehouse Fund” from the drop-down menu when entering your information.