One of the strengths of the decentralized leadership model at Bethany Church, where the responsibility of ministry and vision is shared by many, is our ability to make leadership transitions without major disruption to the church. However, there are some who have served prominently for extended periods of time and whose influence have been of great significance. Jared Winger is one of those people. Jared has been a cornerstone of Pastoral and Family Ministries at Bethany Church for over a decade. He has blessed all of us, directly or indirectly, with his love and care for the people of Bethany. In counseling, teaching, administration and leadership Jared has been a faithful and selfless model for all of us in his Christ-like service to the church. While Jared and his family will remain a part of the congregation and ministries at Bethany, he will be taking a break from serving as a compensated leader and Oversight Team member. We will miss his many and profound contributions in those roles! Below is a letter from Jared to you all as he makes his transition:

Dear Bethany Church,

It is with joy that I have served at Bethany Church as a pastor over the last decade. Michelle and I both have grown with so many of you here, and we continue to look forward to maturing into the body that Christ intends us to be.

Several of you may be aware that I have been reducing my role at Bethany Church to primarily be a counselor and a member of the Oversight team.

When Michelle finished volunteering at the church in 2012 as the Family Ministries Administrator I didn’t know how long I would last without her! Now, after 4 years, it has become clear to me and my family that it is time for me to step down in my role as a counselor and leader at Bethany Church.

I see now that Bethany leadership is settling, and we are heading in a great direction as a body. I am confident that we are in the right place with the right leaders. Because of this confidence, and my personal need to reflect and grow, I have handed in my resignation to the Oversight Team. As of June 1, 2016 I no longer work as a compensated leader at Bethany Church. I have enjoyed over a decade of serving with, growing with, and ministering alongside many of you.

I have always looked to my role as a lifetime passion, because it is a gift from the Lord for me to lead, serve, and to care for people. Though my “position” is going away, my heart for it continues.

As I finish at Bethany my plans through the summer are to work full time at Delta Airlines. I hope to arrange my work schedule at Delta to be able to join with you on some Sunday mornings. I also do some contract work on the side, which will likely continue through this year and perhaps in the Fall I may look for something more permanent.

I love the people of Bethany and I am excited about where we are headed as a body. Our family is not leaving Bethany Church, I am just stepping down as a leader on the Oversight Team and as a compensated leader. Michelle continues to serve with the worship team and our children are also involved in various areas of ministry service.

Bethany Church, I look forward to continuing to work together “until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:13.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve with you over this last season of my life!

Warm Regards,

Jared Winger