LaDawn Severin, Val Eliason, Christina Sluka

LaDawn Severin, Val Eliason, Christina Sluka

Throughout our history, Bethany Church has found its life in the place of encounter with God. This extends beyond our organized prayer and worship activities. Our desire is to establish a “culture of encounter” that flows naturally in the daily lives of believers at Bethany Church; to be a people who constantly abide in the presence of God.

One part of establishing that culture is to create resources and environments for believers to be transformed as they encounter the presence of the living God.

– The Prayer Sanctuary:

Join us in the Prayer Furnace at Bethany Global University (Top Floor in the old chapel) on Tuesday & Thursday: 6-8am.  We affirm that spiritual intimacy with God sets all life-giving ministry into motion and keeps it filled with life. Time spent in the presence of the Lord allows the Word to go deep in our hearts and releases the grace of God to work in our lives. We believe prayer is to be central in our church, family, and individual lives. The Prayer Sanctuary is one of the ways we seek to pursue this reality together, providing an environment for many to engage in sustained prayer.

– Prayer Retreats:

We plan several prayer retreats throughout the year for men and women. These are times to spend focused time with the Lord, and to minister to one another through prayer, testimonies, and teaching

– Altar ministry:

Every Sunday at the front of the sanctuary we have a ministry team who are prepared and able to pray over you for any needs you have.


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Christina Sluka, Val Eliason, LaDawn Severin