The Olive Tree Adoptions ministry defends the cause of the fatherless by providing support and resources for adoptive families of Bethany Church and by reaching out in love to support women in crisis, providing them with an alternative to abortion.

To that end, we have established several avenues of ministry to meet the call to care for the fatherless and see them “grafted in” (Romans 11) to both an earthly and an eternal family:

The Olive Tree Adoption Agency:

We have a team that is working to pull together the resources necessary for licensure in Minnesota in order to establish an adoption agency that will provide low cost adoptions for families in our community. By utilizing the existing structures of the local church, and it’s volunteer force, we are seeking to provide an answer to one of the greatest barriers to adoption – the financial cost. The Olive Tree Adoption Agency will provide support, consultation, mentoring, and resources for families throughout the adoption process.

The Olive Tree Fund: In conjunction with a low cost adoption agency we have established The Olive Tree Fund that is prepared to help adoptive families in our church financially through loans, grants, and fundraising. This will further decrease the cost of adoptions for families. You can download the fund summary and application HERE. If you would like to make a contribution to The Olive Tree Fund, simply send a check to Bethany Church payable to the “The Olive Tree Fund”or donate online.

Birth-mother Ministry:

It is our desire to reach out to women in crisis and those who are considering aborting their child and to provide them with the support, love, and resources they need to help them in choosing to give their child the gift of life.

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