In this update, we’d like to share with you all some of the work we’ve been doing with regard to making adjustment to roles on the Oversight Team as well as compensated leaders working at the church.  At the end of our recent season of self-evaluation, the Oversight Team came away from the process with three roles it needed to fill.

Oversight Team

The first two roles needing to be filled were on the Oversight Team itself. The resignations of Jared Winger and Dave Horsman left us two members short. Both Dave and Jared worked in the area of “Equipping” on the Oversight Team which focuses its efforts on “hands on” ministry and discipleship, 5-fold ministry gifting, and bringing connection to the daily ministry of the church.

Ministry Teams Facilitator

The third role we identified was a completely new one. With a greater number of congregants engaging in ministry, leading new teams, and expanding programs, logistical and administrative support for the ministries of the church needed more attention. The Oversight Team also recognized that communication between the Oversight Team, Ministry Leadership Teams, and the congregation needs improvement. The solution was to create a new position in the church that we call the “Ministry Teams Facilitator”. This position will serve to facilitate the flow of communication between the Oversight Team and Ministry Leadership Teams, and provide logistical and administrative support to those teams.

To address these needs, we are pleased to let you know about a couple of new hires we have made and one new Oversight Team member who we would like to present to you for your consideration.

  1. Doug Goodmundson – Oversight Team:

Doug GoodmundsonDoug Goodmundson has been a key member of our Oversight Team in our first year of operation under the new leadership model. Doug brings a range of gifting to his role that allows him to serve well in a number of areas. This past year Doug has served on the Oversight Team in the area of “Organization”, focusing on the administrative and operational aspect of church ministry. In order to fill some of the gap left by Jared Winger’s departure, we have moved Doug into a new role on the Oversight Team working with the “Equipping” ministries of the church. Doug has begun working 10hrs a week at the church to help empower and equip current and new Ministry Leadership Teams within the church. We know Doug is going to be a great blessing in this role on the Oversight Team!

  1. Ryan Lindsay – Oversight Team:

LindsayWith Doug now shifting his focus from the “organizational” to the “equipping” work of the Oversight Team, we needed a new team member to join Chad Baker and Dave Willcock on the Oversight Team in this area. We spent time developing a list of people from the congregation who were both biblically qualified as a church Overseer, but also possessed gifts in such areas as administration, facility management, and finance.

We prayed through a wide range of candidates, both male and female, and younger and older. In the end, Ryan Lindsay was the name that we felt highlighted to us. Ryan served our church well as we went through our leadership transition several years ago, and also brings to the table a full understanding of how our new leadership model works. It was this consideration that brought Ryan to the forefront. This past year the Oversight Team lost some momentum trying to develop how the team functions in our new model and relates to other leaders in the church so we felt bringing on someone who could “hit the ground running” was a key consideration.  Ryan is willing and excited to serve in this role and are confident he will do a great job.

Having said that, before we make it “official” we want to give the congregation the opportunity to speak into this appointment and let us know if there is any reason they feel Ryan would not be a good candidate for this role. If you have any input you would like to give in this regard, please email the Oversight team at We will take the next couple of weeks to give opportunity for this input from the congregation before we move forward officially.

  1. Carly Mott – Ministry Teams Facilitator

Carly MottWe are also pleased to announce that we have hired Carly Mott to serve 25 hrs/wk at Bethany Church in this new role. Carly has served this past year on a Ministry Leadership Team for college age adults (“Oasis”) and brings administrative and people skills along with a passion for ministry and missions to her new position. Before working here at Bethany, Carly was most recently working as a 4th grade classroom teacher at Heritage Christian Academy in Maple Grove. Carly will be working to provide logistical and administrative support to our ministry leadership teams and assist the Oversight Team in communications and administration. We hope you welcome Carly warmly. We’re excited to have her on board!