Every year as March and April role around, we start to get antsy about leaving our dens and getting back out in the world and enjoying the creation God has given us. After several months of cold and snow, we long for the opportunity to get out and break loose of our cold weather gear and feel the warm sun on our faces, to see the green and colors bloom, and to enjoy the new life that begins to arise.

Genesis 1:14 tells us that the sun, moon, and stars were laid in place in order to serve for signs that indicate seasons, days, and years. Seasons here references the special days that God has set forth on his calendar, but the passage of the years also serve to remind us of God’s redemptive story, and the certainty of the coming spring, even after a long and persistent winter, serve as a reminder to all of God’s creatures that He is indeed faithful to resurrect and restore the earth in the Day of his coming initiating the Age to Come. Every year, Spring encourages us also to persevere through the long winter of life in this age down the path that leads to life in the age to come.